The First Step, once you know you are interested in Lab Sciences as a career, is to find a program nearby that fits your needs and interests.


Clinical Laboratory Career Ladder

Individuals interested in a medical laboratory career may direct their goals to one of many levels of education. The entry-level position is:

Phlebotomist/Lab Assistant

Responsibilities: Draw blood for analysis in the laboratory. Assist in performing some laboratory testing.

Qualifications: High School Diploma or equivalent, train in a California approved CPT 1 program, pass a national certifying exam. For more information on California approved

CPT programs, refer to the following website:

The next step is:

Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT)

Responsibilities: Performs Moderate and waived testing in the clinical laboratory.
Qualifications: Associate's Degree from a NAACLS accredited, State approved MLT training program including 6 months training in a hospital, pass a national certification exam.collage

The next step is:

Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS)

Responsibilities: Perform all diagnostic testing in the clinical laboratory. Responsible for quality control and researching and selecting new methods of testing.
Qualifications: Bachelor's degree and 12 months training in a California approved CLS program, pass a state approved certifying exam.

Or, persue:

Clinical Genetic Molecular Biological Scientist (CGMBS)

Responsibilities: licensed CGMBS performs specialized molecular diagnostic tests in hospital clinical laboratories, in commercial reference laboratories, or in research and development for biotech companies.
Qualifications: Bachelor's degree and 12 months training in a California approved CGMBS program, pass the California State Licensing Exam.

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New MS Meets Clinical Lab Demand

Dominican University of California will launch a master’s program in Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) with an emphasis in Molecular Diagnostics in fall 2013. The program, which will be the only CLS master’s program in California, comes at a time when demand for trained clinical laboratory scientists is growing both in California and throughout the United States.


NMU science department works to fill job openings

MARQUETTE -- Northern Michigan University's Clinical Science Department is holding workshops for high school teachers and professionals in the field.

Thursday was the first of the two workshops. The workshops address the basics of DNA and advancements made in disease diagnosis. NMU's Clinical Science Department is in elite company nationwide in terms of offering nationally-accredited programs.

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