Veterans resource centers in California offer direct services for Veterans including job assistance and other critical services and resources.


Location Veterans Center
Bakersfield: Bakersfield Vet Center
Bonita: Chula Vista Vet Center
Capitola: Santa Cruz County Vet Center
Chico: Chico Vet Center
Citrus Heights: Citrus Heights Vet Center
Colton: San Bernardino Vet Center
Commerce: East Los Angeles Vet Center
Concord: Concord Vet Center
Corona: Corona Vet Center
Culver City: West Los Angeles Vet Center
Eureka: Eureka Vet Center
Fairfield: 4B RCS Pacific Western Regional Office
Fresno: Fresno Vet Center
Garden Grove: North Orange County Vet Center
Gardena: Los Angeles Vet Center
Mission Viejo: South Orange County Vet Center
Modesto: Modesto Vet Center
Oakland: Oakland Vet Center
Palmdale: Antelope Valley Vet Center
Redwood City: Peninsula Vet Center
Rohnert Park: Northbay Vet Center
Sacramento: Sacramento Vet Center
San Diego: San Diego Vet Center
San Francisco: San Francisco Vet Center
San Jose: San Jose Vet Center
San Luis Obispo: San Luis Obispo Vet Center
San Marcos: San Marcos Vet Center
Sepulveda: Sepulveda Vet Center
Temecula: Temecula Vet Center
Ventura: Ventura Vet Center
Victorville: High Desert Vet Center


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New MS Meets Clinical Lab Demand

Dominican University of California will launch a master’s program in Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) with an emphasis in Molecular Diagnostics in fall 2013. The program, which will be the only CLS master’s program in California, comes at a time when demand for trained clinical laboratory scientists is growing both in California and throughout the United States.


NMU science department works to fill job openings

MARQUETTE -- Northern Michigan University's Clinical Science Department is holding workshops for high school teachers and professionals in the field.

Thursday was the first of the two workshops. The workshops address the basics of DNA and advancements made in disease diagnosis. NMU's Clinical Science Department is in elite company nationwide in terms of offering nationally-accredited programs.

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